The chartered institute
of logistics and transport 
- Malawi

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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a worldwide organization with a mission to promote professional career development in logistics and transport. The original name was the “Chartered Institute of Transport” but with the recent recognition of logistics as a central linkage for transport a decision was made in the new millennium to merge with the Institute of Logistics.

The Institute was established in 1891 and is headquartered in London, UK from which it received its Royal Charter in 1926.

The Institute comprises members, some 32,500 worldwide, who are individuals engaged in the management, operation and planning of logistics and all modes of transport. It is an autonomous body and is apolitical.

The International Council heads the Institute as the governing body made up of representatives from the supporting national organizations plus the President, Vice Presidents and officials.

The Administrative head is the Director General based in London. 

Members based in other countries are joined in small branches or territorial organizations – but membership fees are paid direct to the International Council on a special scale for independent members.

The re-organization into the above was made in early 2000s to facilitate, inter alia, membership growth and retention particularly in the current environment where currencies have been changing rapidly making it difficult to maintain subscriptions levels in the traditional way with the UK.

Thus in Malawi, an independent National Section, was created which is able to:-

  • Administer own affairs;
  • Determine its own subscription fees;
  • Subscribe “per capita” fees to the central body – the International Council;
  • Process Chartered membership status to the International Council.
  • Deliver and administer educational and examination programmes.

Independent National Sections also exist in Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

There is close liaison between the local branch of CILT and such organizations as the Ministry of Education, Universities, Colleges, employers and employers’ associations, other statutory bodies, etc In this way, local needs where appropriate, are sure of being recognized and incorporated into professional education schemes.

CILT Malawi Branch's Vision, Mission and Values are as follows:

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