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International Certificate

The objective of the International Certificate is to enable supervisors and first line managers to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence in Logistics and Transport.

There are 10 modules as follows:

Subject                                                                 Code

Business Theory                                                   M 1-L3

Business Application                                             M 2-L3

Warehousing                                                         O 1-L3

Inventory                                                                O 2-L3

Passenger Transport Operations                           O 3-L3

Procurement                                                           O 4-L3

Freight Transport Operations                                  O 5-L3

Local Authority Passenger Transport                     

Planning & Provision                                               O 6-L3

Supply Chain Operations                                        O 7-L3

Transport Planning                                                  O 8-L3

Students should take note that they have to sit for 3 subjects/modules (two mandatory under code M and one optional under code O) at certificate level. Therefore candidates have to write two modules marked M and choose any one module marked O.

The students will benefit from a comprehensive understanding and overview of key areas in logistics and transport, It is an excellent introductory qualification for new entrants to the logistics and transport sector.

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